Mahkota Dewa Fruit
A herbal cure all

Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria Macrocarpa) tree comes from virgin forests in Papua New Guinea or Irian Jaya and if the soil fertile, its height can be up to 5 meters. Red colored fruit such as red apples and fruiting throughout the year, if not disturbed by pollution and human activities. Mahkota Dewa properties have been used for centuries as a secret in palace of Sultanate of Java Island. Since the well-known, the Mahkota Dewa until now widely used in medicine as alternative treatment of various diseases in Indonesia in particular.

functions as a detoxification that can neutralize the poisons in the body
a source of anti-bacterial and anti-virus, boost the immune system, enhance the body's immune system and control the sugar in the blood.
improve blood circulation through the body and prevent clogging in the blood vessel, containing anti-inflammatory, function as anti-oxidants, help reduce the pain if there is bleeding or swelling.
functioning as anti-histamine (anti allergic)
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Other Selected Herbs
traditional herbs with exotic tastes and exreme benefits

Can stimulate the formation of blood, improve the system blood circulation while strengthening the heart.
Help the process of digestion, mental energy, reduces air found in the small intestine and colon.
Used as anti-aging agent, cures gynecological problems, liver problems, jaundice and kidney stones
Ccan help relieve the problems of bloating and stomach cramps, headaches, colds and joint aches.
Has the characteristics of anti-oxidants, internally used for coughs and sore throat, used as poultice or lotion for fever
Traditionally used as a prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. Respond to the cancer cells without disturbing normal tissue cells
Can help improve the quality of blood vessels and obtain nutrients and oxygen enough to strengthen their functions.
Mangosteen Skin
Mangosteen Skin contains xanthones as anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidant properties in mangosteen exceed of vitamin E and vitamin C.
Can overcome diabetes problems, lowering blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol and fat.
Can help stabilize blood pressure & cholesterol levels.